Your Child is unique and so is your parenting

N nowadays is sometimes quite overwhelmed due to the structured school learning.
After 3 weeks of joining back to school (after India trip and xmas holidays) , he now is happy going to school, but with phonics, numbers, storytelling sessions, handwriting at school, he comes home and gives me a weird look when I say let’s do some practice of what teacher want us to do at home.
What’s working for us to take off the pressure and overload from his brain and heart is the open ended play.
We are taking breaks, splitting the activities to 10 or 15 min span so he can focus and relax.
Through years of this parenting, I felt guilty, pressurized, judged, compared, tired and doubtful about the ways I am bringing up N .
A question used to hunt me whether I chose a right path for him?
But what I learnt is there is no right or wrong when it comes to parenting your child.
All you have to remember is follow your child totally, understand what he needs instead of always kicking what he needs to learn.
Five things I decided and owed to myself as a mother to my child is:
1) Observe :  If we could not observe them with a peace of mind we can never really know our child and understand their inner thought process.
2) Listen : listen to them even if it’s a small and minute thing. N always thinks mumma had an answer for everything and comes to me expecting that I will sort it out in a ziff. (Of Course every mom is a super mom to their child). So let’s not forget to listen to whatever they say even if it seems simple to us. Lets believe the belief they have on us that we listen.
3) Understand their Needs: They can be emotional, physical and academic. But responding according to their needs plays a major role.
4) Tap their shoulders : This makes them to believe themselves and be confident in whatever they do. Fills positivity around your child and they will be willing to share everything with you.
5) Relax : It’s always not only we who need the rest but our kids do need that slowing down and relaxing. So if you feel your kid is somewhere overloaded I would say just relax together and cuddle. May be leave everything for a couple of days and just enjoy nice food, nature and company of being together.
And finally how much we try to avoid, there’s always people who compare our kids with their’s who might be excelling more than our child in some aspects. But amidst this never ever forget that

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