Dry coconut and coriander chutney:

Well this is one dish that goes well with rice, chapati and many south indian breakfast recipes like Idli, dosa and upma.

½ coconut fresh( or you do get grated fresh frozen coconut in supermarkets)
A bunch of coriander leaves
Green chilli- 6to9 (depends on its spiciness)
For tempering : cumin and pieces of ginger, coriander seeds.
A lemon sized piece of tamarind ( soak it for 10-15 min in water and take away the seeds)
Garlic Cloves – 4 to 5

Wash the coconut and cut it into bite sized pieces.
Wash the coriander leaves and keep them aside.
Now take a pan, heat 2 tsp of oil, add cumin and once they splutter, add 1 tsp of urad dal and chana dal. add green chillies and once they turn nice translucent add coriander seeds. To this mixture add tamarind soaked that’s squeezed out of water.
Now finally add chopped coconut and turn off the flame.
Leave them aside to cool down.
Now take the mixie jar, add the mixture and garlic cloves, salt and coriander leaves and grind it. Don’t over do it ( keep it coarse) and don’t add any water if you want the texture to be dry. This suits well for rice and chapathi.

But for dosa and idli you can add a little water and make a fine paste to keep the texture running smooth.

Finally add tampering. To tadka: Add cumin seeds, mustard, 1 red chilli and some curry leaves.

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