A Ice lolly taught us beautiful life lesson of parenting

It was the last day of school for Nidhish and we were walking back to home, once I picked him from the school.

Nidhish asked for a lolly at the school ice cream van and I bought him one.

Who has thought at that moment that

“One lolly stick would teach us both, some life lessons.🤗🤗” 

Through the walkway, Nidhish was so cheerfully telling me about how he spend the last day of his reception year in the school and I was emotionally watching him with little tears of joy just circling in my eyes.

Half the way through, he finished half of his lolly and feeling it hard from there to lick it further as the rainbow lolly is twisting  crazingly due to melting hot weather.

I was giving a little warning with my tone changed “Nidhish eat your lolly quickly. Its melting”. Also I tried to take the lolly from his hand saying “you need to turn this way to let the ice not fall down”.

Immediately he stopped there and said “Mumma I will do it.”



I was about to reply back, but stopped and started thinking of what he said.

He picked his lolly back and started turning it in different ways figuring out the best way to finish off the leftover ice. He did finally completed eating with a little last piece of ice falling on the road. He looked at me and said

“see mumma, I told you I can eat it giving a funny giggle for the piece that fallen off. 🤣🤣

At that moment I again realised one thing that “Being there for my child is what I need to do but instead a few minutes ago, I was trying to lead him with my experience which could have completely interrupted his experience to learn.

It might seem very silly for some of you that I was thinking too much.

But imagine what if I had shown him the ways of how to eat his lolly, by straight away turning the position of it. All he could have done is ate the lolly but he could have definitely missed the learning process to try his own ways and figure out the possible ways of finishing it.

He has also sensed that lolly melts off and falls off if not eaten quickly. Though this could be just a normal incident in our daily life, it left me a lesson to let the child learn through experiencing his journey. They have the right to experience the worst and the best. They Need to see the failures too so they can value the success. Yes of course we need to be aware and cautious of several hazards that might be life threatening. Instant preaching doesn’t work always and they need real little experiences to let them dig their own solutions ❤

Immediately after this episode, N had thrown the lolly cover on the road. I didn’t want to preach him too much again as he already knows that garbage needs to go in bin. All I asked is “Did you think it’s the right place to throw the cover?”

For a second he stopped there, saw my face and went back to the wafer, picked it up and hold it in his hand until he found a litter box on the way.

Then he asked me the question “Mumma near the beach, we don’t have a litter box and hence people are throwing all the covers ( in his sense its plastic/ food left overs) near the beach sand. A big wave comes to night and takes all the yuck into the water. That’s how

Sea animals are dying. ( we saw a video on plastic and its effect on sea animals few days ago).

I said “Good that you know the reason now. So from this time we will carry our own little dustbin whenever we go picnic. Also we shall put in a small cover if we don’t have a bin straight away so we can trash it once we are back home/ on the way if we get to see a bin.”

He liked the idea of carrying a little dust bin, so next time we will follow it. 😊

The second incident taught me again “to just reiterate kindly with a simple phrase when they feel stuck/go wrong”. They would love to take an action on that that we would love. Also it led us both to such a beautiful conversation on planet’s sustainability. He felt so proud that we were able to find a little solution for our next picnic😍👍.


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