Appreciating our partner is the key to a healthy relationship

My weekend has been very restful especially my sunday was really relaxing where I didn’t have to enter into kitchen at all😉

As I work part time, I had a early morning shift from 6AM -11AM on sunday. By the time I reached home, Nidhish was served breakfast and was playing in the living room where my husband was prepping something in the kitchen.

By seeing me after a few hours of me missing at home, N was craving for my time and was wanting my full attention and didn’t let me go anywhere So we started doing some fun art with bingo markers, pastels, sketch pens all over on the floor with some empty plain papers.

While we were at it, hubby was so involved in his egg puff recipe that he was watching YT video and exploring the kitchen space in his own way. He said we can enjoy ours when he was enjoying his part in kitchen.

We were not planning for a meal as we have a little dinner prep going on at our friend’s house that late afternoon so I was completely lazing around the thought of cooking anything for the day.

Finally we were enjoying the hot nice crunchy egg puffs just freshly taken out from the oven watching a movie.

Just a little flashback, my husband comes from a very orthodox family where there were set of rules defined for a wife, husband and a family. He had grown up in an environment where household chores have always been a part of only woman’s life but may be due to him coming to UK for studies and then living here from since then he has a mix of ideas and thoughts on this.

Also 8 years of marriage had made both of us to a set life where I share most of the house maintenance and its stuff and he goes to work on a 9-5 routine. I don’t want to lie we had our relation’s worst parts, happy moments, family interferences, couple disturbances etc., which most of us at one time of our life face through.

However, beginning of this year, I decided to keep a peace at home, our relation by giving personal space to each other when needed and also by taking little steps to freshen the knot of 8 years relationship by giving genuine appreciation when needed. (Now this was purely from my side and didn’t tell him anything).

But I was trying out little ways to gently appreciate him for the little things he do for the family like taking care of N when I am leaving to work, doing a grocery shopping together, taking us for little day outs when we need it, buying a dress for me which looked pretty when I wore it, paying me full attention when I talk something about N, allowing to me to work online whether it’s to reach you all on messenger, reply queries and maintain my online space.

I was least expecting anything from it but all I was wanting was a harmony at home. As years run, unknowingly we take relations for granted especially as a couple living 24×7 in the same hut it easily happens that we miss the positive part of the partner and start counting on the negatives or simply leave it with the flow.
Appreciation is one the key to a healthy relationship and it should genuine rather than a fake smile. A little touch of it adds the real spice and makes it worth to live in peace.

Now after doing this from the beginning of this year whenever it’s possible, I see a dramatic change in the way our house works now and here is one of that day where I was relieved from the kitchen and he took the incharge of it.👪
I don’t claim that we both are super good at being a couple and we still have those hard days when we fight and have those perfect imperfect moments. 👉👈

So once in a while, as we take time to observe our child(ren), take time to love our body and soul, take time to organise our homes, we should also take time to check on our lifelong relation with our partner.

I don’t wanna brag much nor I am a perfectionist but with all my heart I wanna say is that little changes do make a big difference and here I am to share this happiness with you all. 

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