Breastfeed or bottle feed, Moms love makes it a magic

It was awesome to see moms coming up and sharing their breastfeeding journey with the world, on the occasion of breastfeeding awareness week.

It feels so touchful to read each mom’s journey through this.

On the same occasion, I wanna take a moment in giving a big thumbs up 👍 and a virtual hug to all those mommies who have chosen to bottle fed their babies. It makes them no less in being a mother and we should totally respect this choice too. It’s absolutely fine and it’s their right to choose the way they want to feed their babies.

Breast milk is the best nutritional choice for babies as health experts say, but sometimes it might not be possible for a mother to approach her child this way.

The choice to breastfeed or bottle feed purely depends on their comfort level, body, medical conditions, lifestyles, their work approach and its perfectly ok to vote for bottle feeding too.

It doesn’t mean that breastfeeding moms can only reach their babies with love. A mother’s bonding can happen in many ways and it will make a magic during bottle feeds too. Feeding-no matter how- is a great way to build that solid bonding with our children.

And who said only breastfeeding has challenges and struggles?
Bottle feeding mums do have a lot of issues that will drain out all their peace and strength.

From choosing a right bottle to keeping it sterile and hygienic, maintaining the regular feed times to soothing a colic baby, selecting the right formula milk to check if its giving all the nutrition to the child, every moment they do face a tough fight as a breastfeeding mom.

Ask me, when I have to leave N with my hubby after maternity leave, I used to pump my milk and keep it in safe conditions and we started facing issues when N was struggling to latch through a bottle for that one feed when I was away from work.

So, whatsoever a mother choose for her baby, she will share the same bonding if there is love in it.

Kudos to all the moms who have made a choice to formula feed. You are all awesome and you receive the same privilege as we do. ❤️❤️

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