Handy Maths Resources checklist for kids

Hey My lovely Mommies, I am so excited to start new series of threads on my facebook page. As a part of this, I have initiated a thread for elementary Maths called as “Handson Maths”. Before, I start sharing some handson math challenges, I thought I should provide you all with a handy Maths resources checklist.

This checklist provides you with resources you can arrange with the things easily available at home.

Maths is one of the subjects that scared me totally, when I was in my higher classes. It happened due to the introduction of trigonometry and Algebra.

I slowly lost interest and put my focus towards computers. Hence I did my master’s in computer science. Totally would talk about my journey on a different day.

Maths is about understanding and implementing

Now after becoming a mother, I feel its my job to introduce maths in a fun and interactive way to my boy. I would love my son to actually use and apply maths in everyday life instead of just worksheets.

Hence, I took this initiative to work on handson maths Activities and challenges for my son who is 5 years old from this year, as he started to show his interest and efforts in building his maths skills. As part of this new series, this week I wanna offer a freebie, a small handy printable for all the moms and parents to have a quick sheet of Maths resources that are easily available at home or things that can be made easily.

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms.

It is about Understanding.

William Paul Thurston

So, here you go with this week’s freebie.

Do share it with your friends who would love this Handy Maths resources checklist for their children and leave a comment about how do you like it….

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