India themed, Independence Day Simple handson Activities for kids

Well, If you are seeing this post then you are definitely in the search of activities to do with your kids on the occasion of Independence Day or semething that would well relate to India themed.

Here I am to share some simple ways that you can prep the activities for your kids at home with already available resources at home for this Independence day. Lets no more wait and here I am with some tips.

Open Ended Play

The first idea is to let children explore the beautiful colors of our National Flag with some Animal figurines, craft sticks or popsicle sticks, Wooden blocks and any other toys  lying around the house that resemble the colors of the flag and that would let children know about the Indian heritage.

Collect them and just put them in a basket so the child can play in their own ways while you teach them about the colors of the flag and National symbols. Here I have taken few animal figurines like Elephant, Tiger and camel that are our heritage animals and also seen in India.


Color the Indian Flag

You really dont need a printable and you can easily hand draw the outline of our flag and the childen can color it, stamp it or sketch it as they wish. show them how our Indian flag looks or put a picture of it aside so they can do the replica of it as they wish. Give them crayons, sketches, pastels, dot stampers or water colors anything they wish and let them color our National Flag. Its also such a fine motor exercise for the child.

Roll the Dice

Here I have taken a simple printable from . This website has got some great worksheets for India based Activities.

Great Resource of printables to setup a whole India Unit

Here is such a great resource that I have found so far the best for setting up a complete India themed unit for kids from mumma

Look no where around if you are likely to set up an India based lesson learning for your kids. All the printables are authentically Indian and you get them all for free.

Click here if you want to downlaod them:

India-themed activities for toddlers and preschoolers! (with 12 FREE printables!!)

Animals found in India, Diy Animal Map of India

Is your kid a nature and animal lover like mine? Then, this simple activity is such a great way to let them sit and learn about the animals found in India.

All you need is a printout of outline of India map. It can be easily downloaded from google. It would be very awesome if you can print it on a A3 sheet. Then collect the pictures of different animals that are living in india and print them all on to a A4 sheet by resizing them into small pictures.

Here are a couple of websites where you can download the Animal pictures.

All you have to do is cut them and put the pieces in a basket. It could be super fun if you have some of these animals in your child’s animal collection so they can also match them to the cutouts.

Finally ask your child to paste these animals on the map. Your Diy Indian Animals on the map is ready.

Indian Clothing

Our country has got such a beautiful clothing attire that our beautiful heritage is seen through the clothes we wear. So, I took this chance to let Nidhish know about what type of clothes and Jewellery does Indians love to wear?

Just spread on some of your jewellery like bangles, saree, payal etc and show your child. If your kid is more enthusiastic dress them up in the ethnic Indian wear.

Here you can download printables to color and make paper dolls of boy and a girl in Indian attire.

Pre-Writing Activity

Have you got some fun stickers that resemble indian colors? Then make this fun pre-writing activity by making some fun tracing patterns around these stickers. If you want you can individually make cutting strips like shown in the picture or you can just make them on a paper.

Diy Activity Sheets with stickers

The most common favourite kids craft resource is stickers. They could be foamy, puffy,3D or just plain paper stickers. But kids love them. I took a chance to play around with them and made some fun India based Diy Activity worksheets for Nidhish.



You can see some of them here in the pictures.

Independence story recreation

It is really hard to let kids understand what does it really mean to be independent and why we celebrate Independence day? Their understanding level is yet to bloom and they could not relate to the story lines if they couldnt understand its importance. so, here I have created something easy and something simple for my 5 year old to understand a bit about the freedom. you can download the Pdf here.

Independence day Story

Read books and Color pictures

I can understand sometimes its not really easy to prep these activities immediately. you might me a working mom or you could just be not able to set them up due to lack of time. In such cases all you can do is simply sit with them to read a nice India themed book and color a page.

Just print some India themed coloring pages and sit with your child mindfully to color with them. You can just printout a rangoli for yourself and start joining them in the fun. Its such therapeutic believe me.

Why not read a book ? Here I have a lovely book to share with you which is like an encyclopedia to know about India and its vast heriatge.

Enjoy these ten different Indian themed activities with your kids and let me know how you did enjoy them.

Happy Independence Day.









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