Mindful Parenting-What it means and where to start?

Mindful Parenting: 

Few days back, I got to meet a mother, co-Indian friend living in UK and after few minutes of chat, we exchanged our fb profiles and got added. She, when saw my bio on timeline put a question in front of me about mindful parenting. 

“How do you apply mindfulness in parenting? And she followed saying “I see a lot of trends followed in the parenting like montessori, mindful, spiritual, conscious, respectful, child-led and so on….. where everyday a new list pops, but what’s the use of all this? And how do you call it mindful when you have so much of overwhelming information in our lives?

And how will ever be it possible to be mindful in such a big chaotic world? Why are kids exposed to so much of information in the childhood itself? I’m glad that I m not into all this and saved my child and me from this mess. 🙂🙂🙂” she ended. 

I respect her thoughts and much echo to it too.

All I replied her is “That’s the reason why I practise mindfulness in everyday life”.

An year ago, I too had so many overwhelming days and annoying days which frustrated me and which proportionally and equally affected our parenting days.

But learning and being mindful in the things we do on a everyday basis brought me more of peace and less of guilt.

Here are few of my simplified thoughts on what I learnt in this journey called “Mindfulness”.

My ways of following Mindful parenting:

  1. Yes making a to-do list everyday is worth. But understanding and prioritising the list according to the day is mindfulness. And there is no wrong if you actually do nothing that you have listed down for the day, but instead spent your day as it needed you to proceed. So if you have a list of 10 tasks to do in a day, mindfulness is prioritising them one at a time and stepping to next one depending on the moment after that.
  2. Mindfulness is focussing and concentrating and giving my 100% on one task at a time, rather than multitasking or thinking about what to do next?
  3. Mindfulness in parenting is really being there in understanding the child’s present needs, struggles and interests. For example, I dont force my son to do homework just for the sake of finishing it. I mindfully work that week to let him understand the concept, and if he couldn’t understand, I don’t ask him to do the homework, rather write a note to teacher that we are still working on it
  4. Mindfulness in parenting is tweaking and practising on rephrasing my words with my child, ( in fact with my hubby too) so I can see a positive harmony and inner connection blossoming in the house.
  5. Mindfulness is eliminating all the overwhelming information that I see everyday on various media and trying to control my thoughts and limit my actions only to those, that mean appropriate to me, my family and my child’s present situations.
  6. Mindfulness is being there for my child really and truly for exactly what is needed to him.For example, we have so many things that we want our child to learn. They could be academic, emotional, social and well behaving, behaving  responsible and in good manner etc., But what if a parent focuses on a child’s mathematical calculations, when the child is actually struggling with building his self confidence and self esteem?

It’s all about being grateful, thankful for today and not much worrying about the past or future. It’s about practising to breathe and live in this moment. It’s about what I should to do today and now rather than thinking about what will happen tomorrow.

The later always comes next. The past is all gone. So for today what means to me is what I need to focus♥️ 

What are your thoughts on following these mindful techniques? Please comment below.

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