Motherhood is not easy, but we can get hold of it

Today the day was so hectic and busy that I have to keep running between the tasks one after the other and I was counting them till the end of the day.  
Last night couldn’t have a proper sleep as Nidhish had a tummy upset with some mild pain and I had to keep a check and the weather is too hot here which made us all thirsty so we have to keep on drenching water every now and then all the night.
At 2.30AM, I woke up and it was hard for me to get back to sleep and then somehow I happened to sleep later. Don’t know the time.

Set a small Peace Corner at home for you:

Alarm sounded so noisy to me but have to wake up at 6 with eyes strained, as hubby got a Doctor appointment which was an hour from our place.
Still didn’t want the day to hit me bad, and I took a deep breath went to my peace corner, read a beautiful affirmation .
My small peace corner where I spend atleast a couple of minutes before I start the day.
kick started the day by keeping the milk and tea bags on the stove and went to bathroom. But by the time I came, all the tea was flowing onto the stove. Realised that I left the burner a bit on high flame. Quickly gave a clean and made another cup, cleaned few vessels, made cereal for N and woke them up.
N was a bit tired due to not having a good night sleep. He was holding me, hugging me a long time saying he don’t want to leave. However his dad took him to bathroom for which he was so angry and started crying. I again went to bathroom, was standing there until he finished his bath, took him into the towel, got him ready quickly. I gave him the cereal bowl and myself quickly got ready. Due to time constraints I couldn’t check on him but he was not interested in the breakfast.
So I took the cereal bowl, thinking he would eat in the car. But No.

Take little breaks with your little one’s:

We reached the hospital in time and there was a waiting time of an hour. There were all senior patients in the room and to keep N quiet, me and him together played word scramble and brain building games. We finished the doctor appt and all were hungry, so went to the nearest had some food and came out to see the sun shining bright.

However I decided to sit with N there for some time to just relax.
Just relaxing with N and enjoying the sunshine

Relax wherever possible even if its for just a couple of minutes:

Been there for five minutes and then went to a small castle in the same city. The sun was burning there and hubby couldn’t resist to the heat wave and left to the car. But N wanted me to stay there so he can play with his fire truck on the sneep hill. So I took the chance again to find a place in the woods, just to relax again while N was enjoying his play.
Relaxing in the beauty of woods and greenery
Came back home to welcome a messy kitchen, prepared food ( veg pulao and cauliflower gravy) while N was again playing and hubby talking to India.
While I was cooking, I got call from my manager( I work part time ) saying he need me in the evening if I can make as he is struggling with his two kids at work).
I couldn’t say No and after having food, rushed to Job. Nidhish was crying again and he was so upset that I was leaving to job. And by seeing my hubby was angry on me “why did agree for a shift at this moment.”.
I just said “ It would come handy when we need it”. He said ok with a no expression on his face. I know I will manage them both once I,m back home.
Every mom’s life is busy, but what I wanted to say is keep a couple of handful of moments in your day for yourself just to breathe in peace and calm. They will let you go.
Seriously, in all this hectic schedule what made me to live the day was those moments which I spent with nature and cuddly moments with N. Let them be only for a minute but breath them with all the love.

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