Our Journey of Breastfeeding and how we fell in love with it?

Giving birth to a baby and breastfeeding them are two wonderful inventions that God has blessed us women. The super power that we are provided when we are experiencing these phases in our life is a bliss.

All in my life, I felt it so divine for the first time on the day when I gave birth to N. That day was just like a miracle for me. I still cannot believe how I got so much power to deal all the pain of labor and surgery. But all of it felt very less in front of the happiness I got when I was holding N in my arms.

Next I felt it so divine again, when I was feeding him all my love by my milk.
Our journey together has not been easy. But we learned together and enjoyed it at its best as it continued until N turned 3.

When I was 9 months old in pregnancy, I started producing milk where I used to have a very small leak of milk and I was worried and visited my midwife.
But I came to know through my midwife that it’s absolutely fine and it’s a good sign that my body is preparing to feed my baby😍

Finally the day has arrived and I was there in hospital for 3 days after my c-section and the nurses helped me to slowly start give my first feeds to my baby.

How we faced the worst while breastfeeding?

Once I was discharged and went home, I started facing lot of issues one by one where I cried, screamed, yelled and was about to quit breastfeeding for the pain I was experiencing. It almost started from discomforting to unbearable.

With a severe scar of surgery, I could hardly even sit and for me it was so painful to make a right position to feed Nidhish. Also we had latching issues where N and me couldn’t connect to the process and it made me stress like anything. My milk production sometimes used to be very high and due to poor latching, irregular feeds, N was half filled and my breasts sooner became sore, tender. Milk started to clog in the ducts leading to severe pain. My breasts felt like rocks and I was in a horrible pain.
At the same time, I started bleeding through my nipples as N was not able to latch.

Both of these reasons took me to an unbearable situation and at this time my Mil came from India and as she doesn’t know anything about such conditions she started pressing my breasts so harder to extract the heavily produced milk out. I was screaming in pain and I really couldn’t refuse as I too had zero knowledge at it.

With no help in UK, I called my midwife back and explained my situation. She referred to a breastfed expert and I was lucky enough to have her visit my house almost everyday for a week until she felt that we are confident in doing it.
She gave me all the info to read, videos to watch and was literally sitting beside me in all my pain rubbing my breast gently, giving them a massage, helping me in making a right position for N and how to latch. She also helped me to how to feed in regular intervals, where to get a nursing wear, how to use them and also how to understand when the feeds are enough for my child.

Throughout this journey, the biggest hurdle for was to let N find my breast and start that initial feed. This was a scary nightmare for me as I had bleeding nipples that were completely bruised and went sore. That first minute where he has to get hold of the latch, was a tearful moment for me as it led me to breathtaking pain. But again the lady used to gently pat my back talking all the brave things that I went through and appreciating my so far journey. She was the one who told me that “I can do it”.
She was like a real angel that God has sent me when I was completely hopeless and was ready to quit.

How we got through breastfeeding?

And after a week of terrible pain and lots of worsening experiences, screams and cries me and Nidhish could finally feel the golden era of the period. We together shared the love with each other.
We started exclusively breastfeeding in a month with zero pain and full of warmth. While I was showering my love through milk, N sent it back through his charming eyes and little hands that used to be always on my cheeks when I fed him

And it went on until he turned 3. We sang, we talked, we played peekaboo, we slept, we made funny faces and then we realised one day that we could make a best pair of mommy and son. He made me win this journey of mothering, breastfeeding by making me experience the divineness once again.

Today I proudly say that breastfeeding is the first reason for us to fall in love with each other every day.

Yes there were occasions in those 3 years where I bottle fed him but it was through my own pumped milk when I have to leave to my part-time work or feed him in public transportation.

May be this article would help those moms like me who had the same issues, to let me allow to pat their backs virtually when they are in need.

You go mumma👉

Follow your true instincts and believe your body and child. It will show you the path. Break the myths that come on the way and consult an expert if you are in doubt.

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