Phonics resources to get the most from your reading Child

The moment when you see your child start blending those little words and gaining confidence in reading little sentences, you realise that you are actually flying with Joy. Reading is a natural skill that is unique for every child and is best attained when we dont force but guide them with helpful hand.

Last year, Nidhish’s school has been providing us with many resources that help in phonics and Reading.
I thought I would put them all in a place, even for me toooo to refer back when I need some help through reading with N.
What’s more happy is to share them with you .

So here is links to few websites. Now few websites have worksheets, Word searches, Simple online games etc.., Few have payable bundles but you can always look for resources that are free when you browse around these websites.…/reading-pract…

Recommended websites for children and parents loaded with articles, quick book reads and games : Dual language Resources for bilingual children

Tips for getting the most from your reading child…/read-on-get-on/

Downloadable phonics readers:…/beginner-phonics-books…/starting-school/free-ebooks/ (my personal favourite)

Free story books (E-books to read) for kids: (These books are priced to buy, but you can actually read them also listen them for free online) (This link has got some more resources for reading books for free) (PDF stories to read online/download)

Hope you find this post and resources useful. Of Course there is no substitute to reading a real book by snuggling them closely and feeling the touch of books. But we do need some little help to keep them engaged and also few might not be able to have immediate access to printing and have a read. So, for such times its a reliable option.

Do save it. Tag and share with your mommy friends who would be happy to have this helpful handy post.

Disclaimer: I don’t promote any of these websites, but I personally found them really helpful when my son’s school provided these links. So, its my way of passing on this to help parents who might need some extra hand in their child’s phonics Journey.

Happy Learning.

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