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Reading to a baby and one-year old’s- tips

Reading to our baby that first time, that first book is one of the magic moments of our life. Isn’t it? Here I have made a post about tips for reading to your babies and one-year old’s.

A ten years ago if you ask me, I would have laughed at anyone if they said me “about reading to a baby”.

But now after giving birth to a child, and seeing how books have become a part of our lives these 5 years and the beautiful memories and bonding that were created in piles, I thought I should come here and share how to read to your baby, so you see an avid love to reading by your child in later years.

It’s just not only about cuddling your baby and making a bond, but it’s also about sharing the power of stories, the power of words, the power of speech to your child.

So let me share what I have learnt through reading to my son in his first years.

What reading to your baby does to you both:


Firstly, No doubt that you start creating a magical bond between you and your child by reading to her just for 5 minutes every day or as often as possible. You will have cuddles, kisses, giggles, chuckles and lovely moments that just flow in your day just by reading.


Who said it should be a serious activity for you or your child? Just find some comfy sofa, chair or lie on a bed with your baby and make it a timeout for relaxing by catching hold of a book from the shelf. Have fun, by having her in your arm or lap and see her beauty more closely.


When you start reading to a child you are creating an ability for them to concentrate, even if it’s for minutes or less than that. Babies focus time is much lesser, but if they love your reading and get into the habit of it, they love that time and slowly get into the routine.

Concept of story:

Most of us are grown up with stories. Cuddling with our grandparents listening to their oral stories, pretend stories, adventure stories, comic stories etc., are you reliving your childhood now? Yes you can totally by introducing stories to your babies. If you are like me, who cannot think of a quick story, books are our saviour’s to introduce stories to our babies. They start pretending and imagining and that’s the beginning of any invention.

Child exploring the fabric books


By the time a baby is three months, she starts to recognise different shapes and letters and slowly understand the word patterns. Of course, she is not ready to read yet, but she is gaining all the pre-reading skills that are needed in later stages.

She understands the concept of a book, like turning the pages to move forward towards the story, that a book has a beginning and ending, and also may start recognising some common words and point to the picture when you read a word. There is no doubt that she is learning vocabulary through your voice and is having the fun of your motherhood warmth.

How and what to read to a baby?

Choose books that are bright colored, with lots of clear pictures, babies and smiles. Babies easily connect to a picture with smiles and funny faces. So I totally recommend their first books to be of pictures with babies and smiles.

Go for board books that are made of laminated cardboard instead of a paperback book, so you don’t have to worry about creasing or tearing of the pages. They are easy to wipe clean if they make some dirt or food stains. Also, fabric books are good to go.

Choose stories over number or alphabet books, as the fact information is still not yet processed by their little brains. A story helps them to connect to a book and understand the flow in it.

Puppet books or pop up books are also good options for them while you are reading them. These books work as props for the story and help your child to better engage in establishing the emotions in the story.

Using Clear picture books-Reading to a baby

Let babies choose their books. Yes I know you will be the one who buy a book for them, but understand their connection with the book. Babies tell you if they are not interested in a book, by making muttery sounds or looking away, but if they like the book it will be full of smiles and tapping their toes.

When to read to your baby?

Routine: start establishing reading routine to your baby. Could be one before bed time and one before an afternoon nap or could be one after morning feeds or breakfast. As they grow you both can together make a routine that suits your day.

It’s also a very nice idea to carry a book in your bag so you can read it while a traffic jam, in the car or while you are waiting to board a flight. This helps your child to understand that they can read a book while they feel bored or on the go.

Hope these tips totally help you to start an enchanting reading journey for you and your baby.

Also sharing the website that I trust for book recommendations totally. All you have to do is click the below link and choose the option 0-1 years for the website to suggest you the right books.

Happy reading ❤

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