Shadow matching Puzzles

Another simple, yet interesting puzzle time for kids. Have you got cookie cutters, playdoh cutters, foam stickers, animal figurines, wooden embellishments, wooden blocks, shape sorter pieces, toddler puzzle pieces or anything mentioned in the list lying around in your house. Then bring them all together, put them in a basket

and get ready to make this lovely simple puzzle or shadow matching game.

Material Required :

  1. Anything lying around that you see in the below pictures
  2. Black sketch pen
  3. black crayon(optional)
  4. Thick cardboard sheet or a scrap book

You are all set to go. Just take each piece and draw its outline. Let them have fun matching them. If you want you can color inside with a black sketch/crayon to give the actual shadow feeling.

Hope you enjoy these simple puzzles and make them for your little ones. If you like them please leave your comments below.

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