six ways to use toddler puzzles

Toddlers love puzzles and especially wooden peg puzzles are their favourites. So, in this post I want to share how we can use these toddler puzzles in 6 different ways.

They help in improving their cognitive and problem solving skills, fine motor development and concentration. Playing with these puzzles help in their hand, eye co-ordination too.

Mix and Match their Toys:

As a child play enthusiast, I myself love playing with toys. One thing I do with my son’s toys is to mix and match and use a single toy in various ways by using them with other toy combinations.

This post might help the moms who are just starting their journey of parenting with the toddler activities at home.

In this post, I took one of my son’s wooden puzzle, and put all of its peg pieces of vehicle jigsaw board which were bought when my son was toddler. I have used those wooden puzzle pegs to create some new activities.

Toddler puzzle Activity-1

Drew each peg’s shape outline on a writing slate or on a cardstock or a cardboard and now the child can match the puzzle pieces to their shadow shapes. Isn’t it a great visual discrimination activity and a silhoutte matching game.

My son doing the sihoutte activity

Toddler puzzle Activity-2

Once, the child finishes the first activity, You can give him a slate pencil or a chalkboard( toddler friendly which is dust free) for tracing. You can also give a wet ear bud and he can trace that way too. Both the ways it turns out to be a perfect fine motor activity. /?

Tracing with a chalkpiece
Tracing the outer lines with a wet ear bud

Toddler puzzle Activity-3

Give your child a crayon or a sketch and as them to trace them on a paper. This will serve a 3 year old. My son wanted to do it with a sketch. We extended the activity with pasting dot stickers and stamping too. So again a open ended activity (with supplies provided to the kid) and they can choose what they want to do.

Drawing with a sketch pen
Stamping and pasting dot stickers

Toddler puzzle Activity-4

Picture matching and object-to-object matching. A complete awesome fun montessori inspired activity.

Picture to picture Matching
Object-picture Matching

Toddler puzzle Activity-5

If your kids started with simple recognition and letter sounds, then why not use your toddler puzzles to turn it into a simple Language activity with alphabet matching and initial phonic sounds.

Toddler puzzle Activity-6

A simple visual/pattern matching activity. You can make it complex according to the child’s age. But here I am showing this as an example where I have hand drawn some simple patterns for each shape of these toddler puzzles and asked my kid to match them according to the patterns. You can also ask your kid to doodle their own pattern or create a fun logo out of them.

Hope you liked these 6 different ways of using the wooden peg toddler puzzles. If enjoy reading it, do share it with your fellow mommy friends.

Happy learning.

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