Tips for babies to one year olds

A new baby is a life changing blessing and miracle that happen to any woman and its just so blissful to start this wonderful motherhood. But its not as easy as said and we often get into so much of dilemma as to what to do and what not to do!

Here I wanna quickly give few tips about what you need to focus for babies and children from 6months to 1.5 year old.
This is such a beautiful phase of motherhood and infant period. So make the best of it by spending as much of time with your little one’s.
1) Touch: Cuddle them and touch their little toes and fingers. Massage at this age is very important so dont break this routine followed by a nice hot bath.
2) singing/Rhyme time: At this age, they love to hear different noises and observe every small sound with lot of enthusiasm. Sing and talk to them as much as you can. Sing lot of rhymes and songs. You can also make funny noises and faces to make them giggle.
3) Tummy time: Give plenty of tummy time in the afternoons. Tummy time has so many advantages like helping them to strengthen their back and shoulders, developing their gross motor skills. It’s a precursor for crawling and moving around and also for strengthening their neck muscles.
4) Books: At this age go for sturdy and thick board books. Small stories with a lot of pictorial representation well suits and attract them. Type of books that would be suitable at this age are:
a) Touch and feel books which help in their sensorial stimulation like soft and textured books.
b) Flip and flap books
c) Simple flash cards with real pictures or clear pictures.
d) Interactive pop up books
e) Fabric pocket books
5) Toys: They dont really require fancy toys at this age. But you can buy something that would help in their gross and sensory development.
You can go for
  • Shape sorters ( They help in hand eye co-ordination)
  • Stacking/Nesting Toys ( getting one object to fit into another gives them super kick, Also they learn to stack according to size and order).
  • Musical Instruments (You can also make a sensory basket out of them, These are such wonderful for their sense of hearing and they love to make different noises out of them) . You can go for wooden xylophone, tambourine, shakers, rattles etc.,
Some of the other toys suitable for this age also include Pull along toys, Push toys, Blocks, peg toys, simple pretend play and animal sets to start off with.
6) Sensory Activities: My son personally is still a favourite of sensory activities. We started them when he was a year old with whatever available at home and believe me this becomes their favourite time of the day. (Also get ready for the mess😛). You can use different materials available at home like different textured objects, cloth pieces, kitchen items that are non hazardous and non-choking for the little ones.
7) Puzzles : You can start with chunky wooden puzzles, jumbo knob puzzles and jigsaws with 2 or 3 pieces. 
Happy Journey………………………….

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