What does freedom means to me?

Have you ever imagined how our lives could be if there is no so called “Independence” today to celebrate?

I can’t even imagine that.

If I go so deep at it, I really have no words to Thank all of our freedom fighters who left these beautiful days for us to live as we wish to. They have given us a great gift of life called “Freedom”.

What does Freedom means to you?

Freedom for me is to wake up in the morning, sipping my cardamom and ginger tea while reading a beautiful positive note relaxing on my sofa.

Freedom for me is to live the life on my terms. Ofcourse I respect others too.

Freedom for me is to relish and enjoy the food, wear the clothes that I am comfortable with and go to places that my heart want to take.

Freedom for me is to make mistakes and learn from them. I really wonder how I could have learnt anything if I didn’t make any mistake and just lived the life so perfectly.

Freedom for me is to sing when I feel like to sing, to write when I feel like to blog, cry when I feel like to cry, cherish the memories which the life has given me.

Freedom for me is to pass on the values of life to my child that might help in his way of understanding the life and live it at his best.

Freedom for me is to respect others opinions and choices and leave it to them to decide what they wanna do in their lives.

Freedom for me is to listen to the music on a long drive when my hubby drives the car  and I just watch the nature and its beauty.

Freedom for me is to have a bunch of mindful, soulful friends to whom I can talk about anything even if they are far.

Freedom for me is to worship the God and Universe in my own way where the definition of that super power might vary from person to person.

Freedom for me is to never influence or force anyone to live their lives on my terms and conditions.

Freedom for me is to get out of the fear step by step for the challenges that life throws at whatsoever it might come from  relations, circumstances, situations and my own behaviour.

Freedom is to take each and every opportunity to connect to my inner self and explore my strengths and weakness to give my best of the life destined.

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